Three thoughtful and evocative folk singer songwriter pieces you need to hear

The Light the Heat – “Morning Light”
-There’s an acoustic energy to this track that provides a sweet bed for the rest of the song to emerge. The lyrics are beautiful, evoking thoughts of someone who is your “morning light” and shines through the rest of your day. While it is certainly a romantic song, it also has a sense of tangible inspiration about someone who helps you derive purpose. The layered folk instrumentation and vocals are absolutely captivating. This is one of the sweetest songs I’ve heard in 2022 so far and it deserves a wider listenership.

Lauren Balthrop – “Thank you” ft. Maya DeVitry
-It’s very rare that I find a submission that moves me so much that I feel like I need to write about it immediately, but that’s the case with this song. It’s got a subtle sweetness to it that won my heart right away. Everything from the throwback instrumentation to the stellar production sets the track up for the star vocal performance(s). That’s the thing that makes this track so memorable and gorgeous; the harmonies are positively divine. If you’ve ever lived the complicated inconsistency of a genuine relationship, this song will permeate your soul. It sure did for me. This is a special recording.

Rev Ezra – “Older I get”
-We featured Rev Ezra a while ago so it was nice to see a familiar name in the submission box… but WOW this is a whole other level. The acoustic work is peaceful and engaging on its own, but Rev Ezra’s vocal really emerges on this track. The lyrics tell a narrative about looking back on life becoming more like his father. Personal connections aside, I have to say that something about Ezra’s voice on this one really reminds me of Scott Avett. Heck, the whole production style feels like it’s got that core of Americana genuineness to it. Once you click play it’s impossible to click away… Rev Ezra had us hooked on this with all the charming wrinkles of wisdom and approachable familiarity.

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