Three energetic modern indie pop songs to liven up your playlists

Coyote Island – “Long Way Down”
-When you tell your friends that you listen to indie pop rock music, this is what you mean. This is about the cleanest example of indie pop rock that I could possibly find. It’s got a great hook, a groovy beat, some unique instrumentation, and the lyrics encourage listeners to sing along. It’s tailormade to sing with friends at a live show. It’s got a feel good vibe despite the lyrics reminding you, “it’s a long way down when you get this high.” Is it metaphorical? Is it about a height of intellect, mood, or consciousness? That’s up to you to decide. What I know, though, is that it’s a remarkable bit of songwriting and I dig the energy. I hope you do too.

Carver Commodore – “They don’t know”
-If you’re looking for an up tempo pop rock style track, give Carver Commodore a shot. It’s got a really infectious driving rhythm with a fuzzy effect on the vocal that makes it all feel very hip and trendy. Heck, even the inflection on the lead vocal feels like it was custom made to be a pop rock star. The layered vocals on the interlude and the guitar-heavy chorus works really well. The whole track feels like it’s made for a party with only the coolest kids around. The syncopated, atmospheric vibes on the bridge is actually incredible. I like the whole song, but I would have covered it for that saucy bridge alone. This is a great tune, trust me.

La Macarena Records – “Good times roll pt. 3”
-Okay I’ll be honest, I don’t really have a genre category that covers this magical piece of songwriting. It is, ostensibly, indie pop rock with a blues edge. That said, it’s also got a healthy dose of modern soul as well. No matter what you call it, this song absolutely slaps. If you’re looking for an up tempo feel good song, give this a spin. It’s literally about feeling good. The entire composition is dedicated to connecting with a positive vibe. Of course I had to give it a shot! Throw this on your playlist and you’ll get a jolt of energy every time you hear it.

Image courtesy: Coyote Island IG

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