Three outstanding Americana tunes in the alt country vein sure to impress listeners

Lindsay Everly – “Queen Bandit”
-This track is a fantastic vibe about a tough woman. The language is about keeping your distance from someone who is willing and able to defend herself. It reminds me of an anthem from a TV show or film. The composition has a nice balance between a quality vocal that you can follow with a mysterious energy. The line “even the sheriff couldn’t shut me down” feels like it’s straight from an outlaw film. This is a good time. Give it a spin.

Beth // James – “The Sun”
-If you’re a fan of beautiful vocals and calm acoustic energy, give this track a chance. The gentle songwriting style immediately stands out from the crowd. I’m not sure if it’s a fair comparison, but it reminded me of the first time I heard Deena Carter’s “Strawberry Wine.” The sincerity drips from the lyricism and the overall message feels comforting. The crooning expression on the chorus is absolutely gorgeous… and I very rarely say that about music. This is a stunner.

Jon Martin – “A new drug”
-The piano on this song caught my attention right away, but truth be told the whole package is really good. Martin’s voice pulls it together nicely. The balance feels like the best of what I like about Dawes. The lyrics are – how shall I say – more relatable than I am willing to write about publicly. The emotional connection that I immediately feel listening to this is remarkable. If you’re a fan of songs that serve as a cathartic message while also ripping your heart out of your chest so you can watch it beat on the table… then give this one a spin. For fans of rock-leaning Americana that has excellent lyrics.

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