Three songs at the confluence of folk and indie pop music

Cole Swenson – “I know I will”
-If you’re looking for an understated acoustic performance, check out this remarkable song from Cole Swenson. It’s got a sound that reminds me a bit of Jeremiah Daly, who we covered a few years ago. There’s a sincerity in the vocal that works really well nestled into an atmospheric style of production. It’s not conventional folk and we’re totally okay with that. The cello solo in the middle sets the second verse apart nicely, allowing for the message about social media to stand out with extra poignancy. This is a remarkable piece of songwriting that you should consider for your own indie playlists.

Paul Cook and the Chronicles – “Sick”
-We’ve been saying yes to Paul Cook and the Chronicles a lot lately; it’s easy hear why in this latest track “Sick.” The driving rhythm is highlighted by some exceptional production work between the guitars and the vocals. The soaring and repeated “I want it too” on the chorus shows a shared vision in the lyrics. But beyond that, the instrumentation has a genre-bending statement-making authenticity to it. If you’re looking for a folk rock sound that has stylings of indie pop sprinkled throughout, definitely give this track a shot. The verses are good, but the chorus makes me physically move to the syncopation every time. This is a good song with hit potential.

Morningsiders – “Rosewood”
-If you like a light-hearted and pop energy to your rock music, you’ll find a lot to enjoy with Morningsiders. It’s a jovial, almost bouncy kind of rock music. Of course I am most excited about the quality of the harmonies. There’s this little modulation in the chords at the end of the chorus that gets me every time. The optimistic melody contrasts with the lyrics, which are essentially a heartache/heartbreak song. If you’ve ever looked back on a relationship with eyes of what could have been, this song will resonate with you.

Image courtesy: Morningsiders Facebook

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