Three rowdy indie rock tunes to bring some energy to your playlists

Rebel Kicks – “Here again”
-If you asked me to create the perfect rock sound, I’d be hard pressed to imagine something any better than Rebel Kicks. That sounds like hyperbole, but honestly these guys have taken so many of my favorite things in music and put them together here. The guitars are clever and drive the song. The vocals have some fantastic layered harmonies. Every lyric in the track is understandable for the listener, allowing the message to pull the audience into the track. It feels like the best of 60s rock blended with 90s pop punk influences for something tailor made for my music taste. I hope you dig it to because this is an absolute JAM!

Jakke – “Waves”
-The syncopation on this track made it pop for me right away. The vocal has a smoothness to it that really connects to the chilled out rock energy of the track. When taken together, the different electronic and analog elements make for an impressive work of pop rock. If you’ve ever taken on a challenge in life, you’ll relate to this energy. It’s about taking on a task knowing that it will be difficult but is worth the trouble. The groove, the production mix, and the overall vibe of the track is outstanding. This is the kind of compositional experimentation that really makes a song stand out from the crowd without moving away from the central tenets that make it a rock song.

Half Tail – “Don’t worry, ma”
-If you are looking for a rock track with a bit more fuzz in the guitars, check out this one from Half Tail. It’s a sound that takes elements of grunge and alt rock, yet at the same time the song still has a satisfying melodic structure to it. The careful balance between the guitars and the vocal allows the listener to follow along with the lyrical message but still enjoy the overall mood of the track. “You can find me outside worried by the wayside.” I don’t want to get too personal here, but let’s just say that there are some ways that these lyrics resonate with me for sure.

Image courtesy: Rebel Kicks IG

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