Three engaging Americana tunes to get the weekend started off right

Luoma – “This is the song”
-If you’re looking for an acoustic tune with a lot of spirit behind it, give Luoma’s “This is the song” a chance. There’s a colorful sound palate use on this one. The vocal has characteristic tones and turns that give the track a lot of texture. The overall composition feels like a comfortable brand of Americana that will allow listeners to relax into the lyrics. It feels a bit like a songwriter’s lament, waiting for a song that’s good enough to give to the one the songwriter loves. It’s sweet.

Thomas Bryan Eaton – “Just another morning”
-Something about this song reminds me of “Girl from the North Country” and, at the same time, also like The Band’s iconic “The Weight.” Talk about some fantastic company to keep! Eaton’s songwriting captures a bit of that classic energy while also giving the song a fresh modern production style. The end result is a song that puts the lyrics first, allowing the listener to enjoy the message and melt into the track’s energy. The classic song comps aside, Eaton’s work deserves to stand on its own as a bright contribution to 21st century folk rock music. I hope it will find wider airplay and popularity as it is a really well-written and engaging piece of writing.

Michelle Rivers – “Gone”
-Literally the first time I clicked on this track I was impressed. The line “she’ll press that bottle to her lips but it’s not strong enough to numb the pain” was absolutely IT for me. I already liked the song, but that line took it from good to great. It’s amazing how much a single well placed, well phrased line can break open the message of the track. Rivers has a great vocal that works perfect for this folksy rock and Americana genre style. But more than anything, the song’s punctuated sincerity coupled with a genre known for telling the truth really makes for an excellent match. This is an amazing hidden gem.

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