Three indie rock tracks to brighten up your mid week

Goldpark – “Lady Lightyear”
-Let’s not mince words here – this song can and should be a HIT. Goldpark have created an energetic contemporary rock style that is sure to find a lot of fans among our indie rock readership. Tucked in amongst the vibey guitars and percussion are some lyrics that make it a love song. It’s ultimately about wanting to spend one more day with your special person. The shifting dynamics of both tempo and volume work really well in keeping the listener engaged. This is not “in the background” rock music. This is in your face, dance your feet off, smile from ear-to-ear because you’re in love music. We’re absolutely HERE for it.

GAZE – “Last look”
-If you’re looking for an up tempo jam with some fuzzy guitars, give GAZE a spin. There’s a bright quality to the lead vocal that makes it pop really well. The expressive energy of the electric guitar is the thread that holds the song together. The up tempo energy combined with some emotionally driven lyrics makes for a solid rock song. It’s hard to find an easy comp for this band or this song, but I’d say if you like 90s alt-rock influences, you’ll find a lot to enjoy about GAZE on this one.

Brandon Birdwell – “Take it all back”
-If fuzzy, bluesy guitars are your thing, check out Birdwell’s latest track “Take it all back.” The vocal is outstanding on this song. The lyrics are bluesy to match the mood of the track overall. But there’s this magic in the form of an organ that really makes the composition pop. It feels simultaneously vintage and brand new. It’s a killer combination. The message is about that feeling where you want to go back to a point in a relationship right before an argument/fight. It’s relatable for sure. But the way the raw emotion comes through in the guitars and the vocal definitely makes the listener connect with the complexity of the interaction. It’s a jam, sure, but it’ll make you reflect a bit as well. Great tune.

Image courtesy: Brandon Birdwell website

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