Three indie folk tunes that help bring joy this mid May

SYML – “You and I”
-This is a love song with a heart of gold. There’s an optimistic shine on the whole composition that makes me smile with every listen. From a musical standpoint, the production is nicely balanced allowing the piano and vocals to shine through in each line. From a poetic and lyrical standpoint, the song reassures being together and providing mutual support. It’s about feelings, sure, but it’s also about proving and sustaining love together. It’s really sweetly done.

Alex Lipinski – “Coyote”
-There’s a lonesomeness to the tone of Alex Lipinski’s vocal on this song that stands out immediately. Maybe it’s the title that makes me think of it, but this song *feels* like the desert. It’s distant and lamenting a type of loneliness that only a song can convey. The expressive bends with the acoustic guitar hits give the song a western and even old time feel. The overall track is not something we hear much in contemporary music, but I appreciate the timelessness of it. Give this one a shot and dip the bucket deep into your own well of feels on this captivating track.

Garrett Kato – “Telephone”
-I like Garrett Kato’s music. Simple. I just like it. I like the way Kato writes. His phrasing feels like talking with a friend. The familiar, approachable vocal style works perfectly well for the genre. The unhurried piano work here allows for bright little highlights around the acoustic guitar and the vocal. The melody is perfect for a narrative style. If you’ve ever taken a long drive to visit someone that you love, this song will connect for sure. I don’t think a song like this has a genre; it’s equal parts pop, acoustic singer songwriter, and a bit of indie folk. But it doesn’t have to have a category to be good; it just is.

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