Three acoustic singer songwriters who bring a hush over the crowd

Matthew Thomas Hope – “Our love”
-This is a beautiful piece of music. Everything from the acoustic finger picking in the opening to the soaring, heartfelt lead vocal feels just right for the composition. The strings in the background move it into a bit more of a cinematic territory than what we tend to feature, but it still works. As a personal aside, celebrating my anniversary to my loving wife (16 years!), this song definitely spoke to my soul. My first share of the song (yes, even before the blog) was with her. It’s a great love song.

Gallipoli – “Poets”
-The tender energy in the opening of this track emerged for me right from first listen. Then… after a few phrases, the lead vocal absolutely takes off. It’s such a wonderful balance between delicate instrumentation and soaring, purposeful vocals. The piano provides a staid, consistent basis to the sound while the vocal and lyrics allow the listener to dream. It reminds me of a poem, really, with the “meter” being the baseline while the eloquent rhymes and imagery take the reader’s mind to new places. Call it folk or atmospheric pop… it really doesn’t matter the genre. This is a work of art.

The Brothers Reed – “Brighter side”
-Sometimes I write about music because I am just passing it to others because I know it’s quality and they will enjoy… but sometimes I write about music because I am a fan. That’s the case with The Brothers Reed. They’ve captured a style of folksy acoustic music that I first loved with the Wood Brothers. I guess there’s something about brothers playing folk music that works really well. Fans of another folk duo, The Milk Carton Kids, will find a lot to like with this band and this track. Get your toe tapping and enjoy the thoughtful lyrics of this compelling, relatable tune.

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