Three tracks with a delightful vintage tone and some modern indie rock flair

Pacific Avenue – “Give it up for yourself”
-If you’re looking for some impressive guitar work and a high energy rock track, spin this one. While the “indie rock” vibes are stronger on this one than the vintage tone, it definitely is still there. It’s not a stretch to picture Pacific Avenue playing at one of the major music festivals in the late 60s (or 90s for that matter). There’s a timelessness to the brand of rock they create. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more from them.

Liquid Zoo – “I don’t wanna be me”
-There’s a fast and loose energy on this production that I really dig. I liked it from first listen and it keeps impressing me. The guitars have this strange quality of being both “tight” in terms of production while creating a “loose” energy for the listener. It’s really cool. It definitely reminds me of 60s bands like the Rolling Stones. The clever lyrics and note-perfect vocal harmonies really make the stand feel like something special. It’s got a timeless rock energy to it that we absolutely want to support. Spin this bad boy, friends.

Rigby Picnic – “Such”
-The tone on this song feels like it might have been captured in the 1960s and held in a time capsule just for us to open it up now. There’s a beautiful brightness to the production, though, that definitely makes it feel a lot more contemporary. The combination is wonderful. The clear guitar work and the understated vocals all work together for a carefully articulate sound. The lyrical energy is poetic, with a focus on the importance of commitment and projecting the future. It’s a bit psychedelic near the end of the track, but it works for the lyrical trajectory of the song.

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