Three tracks listed as indie rock that blur genres in a beautifully creative way

Jude Moses – “Isle of Skye”
-There’s a sweet folk rock energy to this track that definitely made it stand out for us on first listen. Of course I love the harmonies. But the song is so much more than just the harmonies… the guitars, drums, and overall composition is really outstanding. I compared them to Fleet Foxes in my last feature and I think it’s still relevant on this track. There’s a real peaceful sense to the song that makes me want to click play on it again as soon as it ends. Jude Moses are a folk rock band to watch right now!

bennytheghost – “Tightrope”
-This track is an absolute JAM. If you like a tight hook and some really incredible pop rock harmonies, give this one a spin. It’s the kind of song that makes you really want to add it to every feel good playlist. The energy on it is infectious. The guitars have some interesting distorted elements but they serve the larger end of keeping the vocal melody moving along. Every little production decision works to create a song that feels quintessentially 21st century… a captivating, no-chill forward momentum. This is a hit song! Play the heck out of it.

Jacob Cullum – “Something to believe in”
-The melodic, soulful energy of this track makes it stand out from most rock pretty much right away. The lead vocal has a soaring sincerity to it. The production mix certainly makes the overall sound smooth and enjoyable. It’s a chill rock energy that’s sure to find its way onto a lot of hangout and relaxing rock playlists. There’s a hopefulness in the lyrics that create a lightness in the room when you listen to it. Definitely a fun little track that’s sure to find a lot of fans among our indie rock followers.

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