Three acoustic singer songwriters creating a contemplative mood

Deathcruiser and Lydia Luce – “Life number two”
-There’s just not enough waltz time in the world, so I was really glad to find it in this track from Deathcruiser and Lydia Luce. It feels like a brilliant blending of the past and present. Some elements of the track feel like they are vintage and old timey, while the production certain feels crisp and modern. The lyric “don’t give up on yourself and I won’t give up on you” feels so genuine. The sweet harmonies help to accentuate the mutual support evident in the lyrical message. It’s the kind of song that blends genres so well it doesn’t fit in any of them. I’d be comfortable calling this acoustic Americana for fans of artists like David Ramirez. Cheers, friends!

Joe Holt – “Who cares”
-The fingerpicking on this track is soothing while the chord progression will keep the listener from falling asleep. It’s an intriguing, creative style of writing. Holt’s vocal comes through nicely, giving direction to the message but not overpowering the instrumentation. If you feel overwhelmed with life, you will find a lot to like about this track. It’s thoughtful, engaging, and certainly meaningful. The chamber folk energy of the track helps to convey the sincerity of the lyrical message with emotional gravitas. This one is a hidden gem, folks.

Mila Ziska – “April Fool’s Day”
-The acoustic guitar on this song is really nice. When you add in a sincere vocal style, the track feels like an immediate stand out acoustic folk song. But when you listen to the lyrics… wow. It moves from good to great. It’s relatable and personable. As the rest of the band fills in the sound, it feels a bit more like an indie pop tune but it still works. It’s a song about heartbreak, really, and how the world still goes on but it feels completely different after the fact. This is emotional and meaningful.

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