Three indie rock tunes that will energize this mid April

Colorado Straightedge – “Stay in”
-Long before I ever became a folk blogger, I was a pop punk fanatic. Colorado Straightedge bring those days back to life. The harmony rock energy, complete with some incredible vocal mixing and an enjoyable melody, gets the style right. Everything from the relatable lyrics to the sing-along chorus is perfect for a venue full of people jumping and singing along with the band. It’s definitely got a college rock vibe to it that’s sure to win over a lot of energetic, enthusiastic fans. Colorado Straightedge have an infectious, fun pop rock sound! Give them a shot!

Fairhazel – “Save the planet”
-Showing that rock music can take on a wide range of forms, Fairhazel bring an intensity that we really appreciate. It’s a dash alt rock but has a good driving rhythm to it. If you listen closely, you’ll hear a fun walking bassline at the heart of the sound; it’s bluesy and satisfying. The whole track pops with an endearing energy and a condemning message. It’s definitely worth a few listens to try to catch the lyrical message about media brainwash. Enjoy the blues energy a message worth ruminating on for a bit.

Paul Cook and the Chronicles – “Get along”
-If you’ve followed my music curation for any length of time, it’ll be easy to hear what I love about this song. The chord progression, melody, and lead vocal are all rewarding but the blending on the chorus works exceptionally well. It’s got a feel good energy to it, pulling the listener in from start to finish. There’s no real easy comparison for similar bands, but it does feel a bit like an amalgamation of 70s rock all blended into one glorious, enjoyable sound.

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