Three variegated takes on the fabulous world of indie pop music

Sophia Alexa – “Buried alive”
-This song feels like quintessential indie pop music to me. Everything about it feels just right. The sense of melody, the bright energy, and the quality on the lead vocal are all excellent. Alexa’s charming lyrical style makes the listener feel both comforted and a little challenged to think about what moves us. The “dah dah dahhs” on the chorus are really sweetly placed as well. For some reason the bridge makes me think of Dodie Clark. In fact, this whole sound seems like a perfectly placed 2020s pop jam. As a late 30s suburban dad, I can’t imagine I’m the target demographic for this song but I genuinely dig it. You should give it a shot as well.

Veiles – “You & me”
-The syncopated energy on this track hits just right. There’s a soulful quality to the vocal that connects perfectly. I’m not really sure I’d call it “swagger,” but the song definitely has a confidence about it. There’s a spirited energy about the significance of enduring the hardships in a relationship. The bright style of the acoustic guitar coupled with the pop production energy makes it a great fit for fans of acoustic driven pop music. Give it a spin!

Banditos – “On my way”
-If you are looking for an energetic pop song with shades of country, soul, and rock, give this new song “On my way” by Banditos a spin. The lead vocal takes center stage driving the narrative. The instrumentation includes horns and a wide variety of rhythm section instruments. It’s a nice full sound that gives a bit of a “Margaritaville” atmosphere to the track. That’s fitting, though, because the song is an anthem to self confidence with an appropriate celebratory energy. This song is a sendoff and we’re applauding all the way.

Image courtesy: Banditos IG

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