Three new acoustic folk tunes to enrich this early spring

Loud Forest – “Easy to love”
-This is a captivating song for a number of reasons. Sonically, I appreciate the acoustic guitar and the sincere vocals. But perhaps more importantly, the lyrics are about how upbringing shapes the hardness of our hearts. These are lyrics that might pull listeners out of some emotional depths, however the way they embrace being open to love now… is really sweet. The sincerity here is wonderful. If you’re looking for an emotional song that highlights the effectiveness of acoustic folk music, give Loud Forest a chance.

Terns – “When all my Sundays come”
-The first thing I did when I heard this song was share it with a friend who loves classic 60s harmony bands. More along the lines of Peter, Paul, and Mary than the more famous rock bands of the 60s, Terns have captured a sweet sentiment from a bygone era. It’s a lyrically peaceful song with a tender acoustic accompaniment that all serve to allow the vocal harmonies to bring us a dose of calm. This is the perfect tune to watch the weather turn from late winter to early spring.

Graeme James – “All the lives we ever lived”
-There’s a hypnotic energy to the acoustic work in the opening of this track that’s sure to win over a lot of listeners right away. Then we have a cello (I think?) and a piano that bring a depth and richness to the track. Eventually the vocals enter the track with a subtle layering that works really, really well. It’s not always easy to hear the lyrics, but it’s such an intriguing sound that the listener is compelled to close their eyes and *feel* the song as much as listen to it. If you’re looking for a song that blends cinematic string elements with more traditional folk instrumentation, capped off with incredible vocals, then check out this track from Graeme James.

Image courtesy: Graeme James IG

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