Spain, Albania & Lithuania: What were the best performances at the Barcelona Eurovision Party?

We have truly hit Eurovision fever now, with the main event just a few short weeks away!

Indeed, whilst there will be many that will be looking forward to placing a wager after seeing the Eurovision betting odds that have been made available for the Finals that will take place across May 10, 12, and 14, 2022, there will have been some that will have been left delighted with the preview that they were given when they were able to see the Eurovision Party!

Barcelona might be iconic for a variety of different landmarks and its sports teams, however March 26, 2022, saw the city become famous for hosting its very first Eurovision Party; a celebration that enthusiasts of the song contest will have been delighted to have been able to witness!

The fun has not stopped, as there are a number of pre-show party events taking place throughout the continent prior to the Finals, with the London Eurovision Party, Israel Calling, Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, and PRE PARTY ES in Madrid have all appeared on the schedule.

Who performed?

A total of ten of the acts that are set to compete in this year’s edition of the hugely popular song contest all performed at the party in Barcelona recently, with many able to get a preview of the tracks that they are going to perform when they take to the stage in Turin, Italy in the coming weeks.

The ten acts to have competed featured:

  • Ronela Hajati who will represent Albania with “Sekret”
  • We are Domi who will represent the Czech Republic with “Lights Off”
  • Brooke will represent Ireland with “That’s Rich”
  • Citi Zena will represent Latvia with “Eat Your Salad”
  • Monika Lui will represent Lithuania with “Sentimentai”
  • Emma Muscat will represent Malta with “I Am What I Am”
  • Vladana who will represent Montenegro with “Breathe”
  • Subwoolfer who will represent Norway with “Give That Wolf a Banana”
  • WRS who will represent Romania with “Llamame”
  • Chanel who will represent Spain with “SloMo”

Of course, these are just some of the songs that will be performed at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest and there is no guarantee that most of them will be heard in the competition. In fact, fans are only guaranteed to hear Chanel’s “SloMo” in the Finals on May 14 as Spain qualifies as one of the “Big Five”, thus securing a bye into the Grand Final of the event alongside France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Which performances were the best at the Barcelona Eurovision Party?

When taking a look at some of the general consensus that many viewers appear to have had after viewing the Barcelona Eurovision Party, it would seem that there were three performances that perhaps stood out a little more than the others.

Chanel’s rendition of her track “SloMo” for Spain managed to attract widespread praise amongst viewers as many suggested that she may have had one of the best tracks of the night, whilst her performance was also praised.

In addition to her, Ronela Hajati’s “Sekret” for Albania was also a favorite with viewers around the world, with many believe that she did exceptionally well with her performance on stage given that it was just her and that there were no backing dancers along with her to perform the same routine.

Others had also highlighted the performance by Lithuania’s Monika Lui as she sang “Sentamenti”, with many praising her vocals and believing that she has the best vocal sound out of the ten that had performed on the night.

Unfortunately, there were some that had come in for criticism, with some accusing certain nations that they had decided to use playbacks and mime their way through the performance.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the Barcelona Eurovision Party was the first of the pre-show events to take place and one that attracted much interest, especially as we managed to get to see 10 of this year’s acts get to perform their tracks all on stage.

Naturally, this will have only helped to build up the actual Eurovision Song Contest Finals when they take place in Turin on May 14, but have we already seen the winner? Some might be suggesting that we have.

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