Three folksy singer songwriters you’ll want to have on your playlists immediately

Holden Miller – “Far side of the world”
-If you’re thinking this name Holden Miller looks familiar, you’re not mistaken. We’ve featured a few of his tracks here recently and it’s because he’s an incredibly talented songwriter. The production on this track is outstanding, allowing the vocal to cut through really well. It’s about falling in love with someone who feels distant and ultimately unattainable. If you can relate to these lyrics, I feel for you. If you can’t, then consider yourself lucky. There’s a ton of emotion and depth to this track. Miller’s vocal has a relatable, familiar sincerity to it. Give this one a spin if you like acoustic folk singer songwriters.

Samantha McKaige – “Go where you go”
-The gentle authenticity of this track stole my heart right away. It takes something special for a track to stand out in the hundreds I process every week and let me say that McKaige’s sincere vocal absolutely did that on this track. It’s more like listening to a melodic poem… and I mean that as high praise. This is the thing is with new songwriters; they’re often good at one part of the craft. This song shows evidence of a beautiful voice, relatable lyrics, and perhaps most importantly amazing phrasing. I have a feeling Samantha McKaige is only going to improve with time and wholeheartedly look forward to following her promising career if “Go where you go” is any indication of her overall quality.

Angela Rose – “Small town”
-If there’s one theme that seems common across folk artists, it’s that of the small town. Of course there are great artists from big cities, but something about the nostalgic connotations of the small town seem to make their way into lyrics often. This song is about a love interest, though, as much as a place. The expressive vocal makes the track stand out. The energy of the track definitely crosses from folk into more of an indie pop vibe more often than not, but it’s certainly a folk-inspired piece.

Image courtesy: Angela Rose IG

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