Three songs that will put a smile on your throwback rock-lovin face

Max Bien Kahn – “It’s only you”
-I didn’t get to live through the golden age of rock music, but every once in a while I hear a fresh new sound that captures the magic of that era. Kahn’s band here seems to grasp all of the fusion of jazz, blues, and roots country music that helped to shape rock n’ roll as we know it. In other words, Roy Orbison or Elvis Presley would be able to sit in with these guys and feel right at home. It’s a beautiful throwback sound that’s going to find a lot of support from our more traditional fans.

Otys – “Mojito”
-The genre blend on this track is really something special. At some points it feels like indie pop and other times like a gorgeous throwback R&B track. The main point is that it’s a whole emotional groove; I can’t help but move when I listen to this track. (Great for chair dancing at work… I mean… *ahem* Not that anyone would actually do that.) The expressive lead vocal reminds me a bit of the soaring quality of Adam Levine. If you’re looking for some pop energy with a great beat, check out this track.

Moonshine – “WYN”
-This song brings together so many of the things that I love in music. It’s a bit of folk, a bit of pop rock, and a whole lot of GOOD VIBES. There’s an energy in the track that feels inspirational. If you’ve ever been blessed enough to love and be loved by someone genuinely, then the sentiment captured here about just wanting someone to be near is fantastically relatable. It’s a love song. It’s an inspiring song. The beautiful harmonies and accurate lyrics just… work. This one is sure to win over a lot of fans in our folk and rock loving community.

Image courtesy: Max Bien Kahn IG

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