Three tracks in the folk and Americana realm that caught our attention this March

Abigail Lapell – “Land of Plenty”
-This track is one of the purist folk tunes I’ve heard in recent months. Lapell brings a rooted sound that feels like a poem set to music as much as a song itself. Lapell’s vocal cuts through with depth and sincerity that we seldom get to hear. Fans of heartfelt Americana artists like Andrea von Kampen will find a lot to like about Lapell’s sound. The “long is the road” section feels like something straight out of scripture… and Woody Guthrie’s songwriting. This is an exceptional piece of music.

The Hinterland Band – “Indiana wind”
-If you’re looking for some rowdy bluegrass-based Americana, check out this track from the Hinterland Band. The fiddle might be my favorite part, but really the whole track is fantastic. It’s about the wind… but it’s also about the people who are strong enough to hold up to it. It’s a song that’s a story that’s a reason to dance as we survive. It’s a fun piece of music that will get people up and moving, but it also captures a longstanding truth about the significance of perseverance in the midst of the trials life brings. It’s a real salt of the earth anthem and a lot of our readers are going to dig it.

Kyle Joshua Trask – “Sweeter Keeper”
-Fans of Americana are going to want to keep the name Kyle Joshua Trask at the tip of their tongues. His songwriting, guitar work, and overall composition style are really solid. There’s an expressive energy to this song from the melody through the lyrics that definitely stands out in a crowded Americana scene right now. I appreciate the sway in this track and the easy going romantic style of it. The steel guitar work on this track is outstanding. My favorite type of Americana feels like it blends together multiple great American styles of music and Trask does that here with blues, gospel, and certainly bits of mid-20th century country music. This one has hit potential if it just had a chance for people to hear it. Spin it and share it, friends.

Image courtesy: Kyle Joshua Trask IG

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