Three acoustic singer songwriters to bring a sense of peace this weekend

Luce – “Come outside”
-Luce has a gorgeous voice. That’s the first, most important point about this song. But beyond the great vocal work, this song has something to say as well. It’s about getting out of the depressive spiral in our own minds. It’s about writing and walking and going outside. The acoustic singer songwriter vibe on the track works as a perfect vehicle to the thoughtful lyrical message. It’s a sound that blends together elements of modern folk with some shades of vintage 90s alt rock.

Filiah – “For someone”
-There’s a cathartic energy to this track from Filiah that impresses me with each lesson. The song has a sense of contemplative sincerity that I really admire. It’s got an intimate style that connects a clear vocal with a beautifully well balanced piano sound. The tone match between the elements of this track is really something special. I invite you to gently close your eyes and listen to this one from start to finish. I’d be honestly surprised if you didn’t have some tears forming in your eyes by the end; it’s got that kind of heart to it.

Simon Alexander – “Remembering”
-Long time readers of ETTG will recognize the name Simon Alexander; he’s a talented songwriter we’ve been featuring for many years. This latest track holds Alexander’s characteristic songwriting complexity. There are times that the acoustic-driven composition seems simple but it is not. The production does a nice job of allowing the lead vocal to cut through all the while the electric guitar provides some brilliant highlights. The soundscape presents broad sections to encourage remembering where we’ve been and thoughtful reflection.

Image courtesy: Luce IG

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