Three indie pop tunes to give your Monday a burst of energy

Ali Angel – “Extra wild”
-There are a lot of artists that I could compare Ali Angel to, but the one that comes to mind evidently for me is Hailey Reinhart. The soulful vocal style here is absolutely fascinating. The production has a few effects that pull the vocal out of a pure retro soul sound and into something that feels a bit more modern. That said, the overall style is definitely one that will keep listeners bouncing. The lyrical message is a lot of fun, too. As a final chef’s kiss to a wonderful track, there’s a trumpet-saxophone dueling solo that’s really a treat. Spin this one, fam!

Love Drunk Hearts – “Roam”
-There’s a technical term for the sensation of seeing color when listening to music; synesthesia. I see kaleidoscopic rainbow colors when I listen to this song. I’m not exaggerating — it has happened every time I’ve listened to this song and I have no idea why. The harmonies are delightfully rich on this track. The electric guitar stands out, creating an almost hypnotic sense to the track. When all of these features come together, there’s a sense of going for a ride or flying away. It’s a really remarkable piece of writing that feels like it’s larger than the sum of its parts.

Barney Cortez – “New Age Nightmare”
-I like the chorus of this song a lot! I have to admit that sometimes my taste in curation is a bit myopic, so it’s great to hear a style of indie pop rock like this from Barney Cortez that challenges my tried and true patterns. Cortez brings a punctuated, Brit Pop style that really stands out from the crowd. I love the harmonies on the chorus and will continue to support that kind of songwriting as long as I have ears to hear. That said, this one gives a definite pep to the day despite the apocalyptic lyrical tone. It is, sadly, a bit “on the nose” for the world today.

Image courtesy: Ali Angel IG

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