Three emotionally driven indie folk tunes you’ll want for your playlist

Matt Van – “Creature of habit”
-It takes a lot for a lyric to catch my attention right away, but Matt Van’s songwriting did that on this track. Then, as I was curious about the song’s direction, the sonic mix (especially on the chorus) is outstanding. The hook was set at that point. Van’s vocal inflection does a great job of setting the mood for an atmospheric folk song. It’s a soothing, engaging overall style. I think it would be fair to call this a healthy blend of modern folk with emo style music.

Bee Eigen – “Irish coffee”
-I’ll say this outright; I’ve never heard anything quite like this song from Bee Eigen. When I describe it as a folk song with emotional lyrics that might sound like a lot of music you’ve heard… but trust me when I say there’s something special here. The heartfelt lyrical delivery and phrasing from Eigen really set the track apart from the crowd. Every line feels purposeful, balancing message and that tactile sense of words that fit together aesthetically. It’s the opposite of a heartbreak song — it’s a love song about the one that worked out rather than the one that got away. It’s sweet.

Joe Holt – “Not satisfying”
-We’ve featured Joe Holt a few times over the years and this recent track “Not satisfying” reminds us what we like so much about Holt. He’s the real deal when it comes to folk songwriting. The lines roll together nicely with a finger picked guitar as the cohesive force. The piano and understated percussion fill out a satisfying folk production style. It’s somewhere in the glorious middleground between “minimalism” and a big time production; it’s… well, satisfying. Holt’s expressive vocal lines are sure to win over a lot of fans from our readership.

Image courtesy: Bee Eigen IG

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