Three new folk songs that show that CSN harmonies live on in the next generation

SYML – “Sweet home”
-The first time I listened to this song, I got chills. I immediately put it on my song of the year candidate list and then I melted in my chair. The easy comparison here is CSN “Helplessly Hoping.” I absolutely love the light feeling that comes from the song. I guess it is conjuring images and feelings of “home” through the music as well as the lyrics. The theme seems to be about unity, which is gorgeously mirrored in the CSN style harmonies. This song feels and sounds like the 60s folk revival. This is sure to be one of my favorites of the year and I’m so excited to share it with you all today.

Satellite Station – “Ghost in the night”
-There’s an expressive sincerity to every track we’ve featured from Satellite Station. It’s hard to explain what you’re hearing in this track other than to say it’s acoustically rich with enough reverb to allow the vocal to resonate beautifully. The lyrics are poetic and rich, feeling like just a small piece of the universe. There’s a transcendental, rich imagery to the track that I really appreciate. The vocal is rich and rewarding. It’s the kind of song that would be perfect for meditation, journaling, or putting on for a walk. It’s beautiful and definitely worth your time for consideration.

The Flycatchers – “Clementine”
-This is probably the kind of music you think of when you tell people you listen to “folk music.” The minimal composition between the guitar, vocal, and piano works really well. The thing is, there’s also some extra layers in the background of the production that give additional depth. For me, of course, the highlight is in the subtle vocal harmonies. There’s something sweetly rewarding about the hopeful sadness of the line “must be nice to fall in love.” This is a treat that would make the troubadours of Laurel Canyon proud.

Image courtesy: SYML IG

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