Three indie folk tunes to ease you into this weekend

Children of Indigo – “College Kid”
-You might not be college age and think that you won’t relate to this song, but it’s definitely a song for everyone who as been in that late teen early 20s age group at some point. It’s got a relatable lyrical concept, a beautifully clear lead vocal, and some glorious harmonies. The song is as much an existential reflection as it is about any particular circumstances. If you’ve ever struggled to find your place in life and felt a bit out of control of your mental health, this song will resonate. It’s also quite soothing sonically.

Matt Gombau – “Breathe”
-There’s a relaxing acoustic energy at the heart of this song, but there’s also a sense of momentum from the percussion that keeps the track moving forward. Gombau’s vocal has a subtle raspy-ness that gives the track a comfortable texture. The cool “oooh” section offers a brilliant transition between sections of the song. The overall style reminds me a bit of Stu Larsen combining an acoustic folk core with some fascinating modern production influences for depth and breadth in the composition. Give it a spin!

Olivia Klugman – “Self help”
-This is a lyrically complex song about how change over time. Klugman’s vocal is exceptionally good and the writing is outstanding. It feels like the kind of song you might hear in Greenwich Village a half century ago, yet the crispy modern production definitely brings it into the contemporary context. I really like the lyric “relax your furrowed brow.” Having spent a great deal of time looking back on my own more “driven” days of my life, I can relate to that sentiment. I like the song musically, sure, but the lyrics really hit home for me on this one. This would be an amazing song to listen to and then journal or meditate. It’s incredibly captivating and feels like medicine for the soul.

Image courtesy: Olivia Klugman IG

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