Three energetic indie rock tunes to boost your midweek

Drew Thomas and the Soul Talk – “Porcelain Doll”
-Something about this recording reminded me of an early 2000s emotionally driven rock style. The soaring vocal on the chorus with the “por-ce-lain dolllllllll” in group harmony works really well. Shortly after that first chorus the track goes into more of a punk break and feels a lot more like a typical indie rock song. The song is an adventure that grows from the start to the mid point and finishes strong. It’s got a theatrical flair to it and we are absolutely HERE for it.

The Assist – “Television Kid”
-When you tell your friends you listen to “indie rock” this is the music you’re referring to. It’s got an upbeat rock energy, high flying vocal, and amazing production quality. The lyrical style has a nice blend of punchy, punctuated sections combined with soaring, expressive lines. Take together it’s a solid phrasing balance that creates snippet images in the mind of the listener. The combination of the snappy lyrics and the engaging melody makes for a solid new rock track.

Edwin – “Face in chrome”
-If you’re looking for an expressive, acoustic rooted style of indie rock, look no further than this track from Edwin. The composition has a beautiful rising energy to it. The lead vocal has a gruff quality that lends itself to a kind of rock-flavored Americana. The duo guitars and vocals work really well on this recording. We rarely feature live takes, so when one has this kind of energy to it we are certainly inclined to feature it. Check it out.

Image courtesy: The Assist IG

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