Three folk singer songwriters that remind you why you follow this site

Asher Mohr – “Leaving”
-The finger picking on the acoustic guitar here is really comforting, but the lyrics… whew… these lyrics are going to tug on your heart. It’s about leaving, of course, but it’s also about looking back at being with someone being sad that you have to go. There’s a contemporary folk polish on the sound that works really well with the theme and style. Mohr’s confident vocal does a nice job of conveying the sincerity of the lyrical message.

Paddy James – “What makes a man”
-The energetic acoustic style from the opening doesn’t seem like it’s going to introduce a lyrical theme about masculinity, but it does. The track is about defining what it means to be a man, supposing things like drinking, relationships, and hard work as possible factors. The folk-meets-pop style works well for a song that’s intended to get the listener thinking about how we define manliness in society. There’s no clear answer to the question, but it makes for an engaging song.

James McLeod – “Parkdale”
-If you’re looking for a snappy, pop-infused style of folk music, check out James McLeod. “Parkdale” has a lot of character to it, with unique textures included in the production mix. The lead vocal shines through well, but synths and electronic pops in the background create layers. The piano work feels a bit jazzy and has a colorful, almost experimental sense to it. This isn’t your grandpa’s folk music, that’s for sure. This has a gritty, modern style to it but definitely captures our attention. Give it a shot.

Image courtesy: James McLeod IG

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