Three amazing tracks to show the versatility of the rock genre

Jesse Roper – “Hold On Me”
-This is a soulful track with more energy than you are prepared for, I can guarantee that. Buckle up and click play on this one. There’s an excitement in the vocal that is really inspiring and the rest of the band does a fantastic job of supporting that powerful vocal. The horns, the guitars, the rhythm section… literally the whole band is excellent. The lyrics about having a woman who has a hold on you are relatable, too, for this old going-on-16-years married guy. If you click play on this song you will experience two emotions: one, you’ll be impressed at the performance and two, you’ll smile.

Royal Oak – “Yearbook”
-If you’re looking for a pop rock energy, check out Royal Oak’s “Yearbook.” It’s full of glowing nostalgic imagery. As some of us look back on those “good old days” we can’t help but see faces and friends in our minds listening to this song. There’s something positive and upbeat about the song, reminding me a bit of Ben Rector’s “Old Friends” track. Royal Oak have a polished rock energy that communicates the lyrics cleanly but still has a powerful up tempo rock style. I dig this energy and hope that others will support this emerging indie rock band as well.

Magic Giant – “My my”
-When you click play on the track there’s a moving beat and a quality vocal… but you can hear pretty much immediately that the track is about to take off. Around the 40 second mark it explodes into a very Maroon 5 type of vibe that feels both familiar and pleasantly new. This is the kind of indie rock that I’d love to hear cross over into pop charts. It absolutely could be a club track as well as something you can throw on your playlist for a run. It’s a song about being desperate enough to go for your dreams. We could all use a dose of this kind of inspiration this year.

Image courtesy: Jesse Roper IG

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