Three new tracks in the indie pop realm that are sure to inspire

Boyu – “Embers of Our Innocence”
-There’s a chill vibe to this track that made me say yes right away. The lead vocal and overall blending was really good as well. The lyrical theme does a nice job of pulling in listeners who have a penchant for nostalgic reminiscence. The highlight of the track for me is clearly the chorus “how does anybody fall in love if we’re temporarily here for the moment?” It’s all about making the most of life and how that creates a juxtaposition with planning for a concrete future. Without knowing the background of the artists here, it feels like a thoroughly Gen-Z perspective on making the most of what we have now because the future is not promised. Big relate.

Ralfy – “Terribly Cute”
-This is a song about fantasizing. It’s really well done and super relatable. I appreciate the sense of melody that keeps the track pushing along well. The lyrical content is very relatable to anyone who has ever had a crush on someone or wondered “what could have happened?” It’s a satisfying, human expression. The up tempo pop rock (with shades of punk) definitely connect for the type of rock we like to feature. This one feels really good.

Julia Lucius – “Lost my mind”
-There’s a rising pop energy to this track that I appreciate. We don’t often feature highly produced music like this, so when we do it’s because it’s well done. Julia Lucius has a vibrant energy in her vocal that works really well in the mix. The lyrics pull the listener into the complexity of a relationship that feels rocky and unsettled. If you’ve ever felt like you’re at the tail end of a relationship and the person you loved is full of lies and half truths, this song will connect. The powerful balance between the discursive sincerity in the verses compared with the soaring independence on the chorus is excellent. It reminds me of something one of the “diva” artists of the 90s would have released but with more 21st century production panache.

Image courtesy: Julia Lucius IG

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