Three indie rock tracks to get the beat moving

Elephant Castle – “Quicksand”
-The up tempo energy of this track jumped out at me right away. We tend not to cover much in the psych rock realm, so when we do it has to be really well done. Elephant Castle have an unconventional composition style but the core of the song feels like a solid rock song. The falsetto-based vocal style feels really comfortable and when the harmonies join the track, there are definitely some vintage vibes. Fans of poppy harmonies and psych rock elements from vintage 70s rock “good old days” will find a lot to like here.

Native Nomads – “Tell me mama”
-I’m sure there’s a good comp to be made here (Red Hot Chili Peppers?), but for me Native Nomads have a really unique stand out sound that I’m happy to support. The moving energy stands out in a crowded indie rock scene almost immediately. The song is a sort of a bluesy anthem about desiring to understand why the world suddenly feels upside down. That sentiment is relatable and the killer electric guitar licks punctuate the point well. The impassioned vocal style allows the track to absolutely soar.

John Doe – “Creeper Deeper”
-This track is so smooth, man. The groove feels familiar but I swear John Doe is a new artist to me. The vocal style does a nice job of balancing melodic and more breathy, open styles. The sometimes-psych rock elements of the composition make for a vibe that moves between unsettling and silky smooth. I’m not even sure there’s a genre for this, but I’d call it jazz-informed pop rock. Throw this on your hangout playlist and watch your friends’ faces when they ask you, “who the heck is this?” Tell them “it’s John Doe.” No lie.

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