Three acoustic folk tracks you’ll want in your life

Ronjo V – “Short on love”
-There’s a relaxing energy to this track that feels very much like a classic folk rock tune. Ronjo V has a style that connects with the past while creating a contemporary joy as well. The lyric “turning back the clock just to buy me some time” seems like a nice summary of both the lyrical and musical content of the track. If you’ve ever looked back on a relationship that could have been, this song will connect for you.

Rick Leigh – “Has the bird got your tongue”
-The cathartic acoustic work on this track is sure to calm a lot of folks. The sincerely soft delivery of the lyrics works incredibly well to create a comforting and welcoming sentiment. Rick Leigh blends together a range of styles from classic folk music to more contemporary electronic music, all in the service of a peaceful lyrical concept that urges the song’s main character to open up. It’s captivating and brightly unconventional. Give it a spin.

Elanor Moss – “Soundings”
-From the first chord of this song, I found myself interested in hearing more. The vocal harmonies certainly won over my heart, but there’s something distinctive and intriguing about the song. The composition style feels like a blend of a musical theater piece with a 60s pop tune. The end result both lulls the listener while providing thoughtful lyrics. If you’ve ever been alive with the magic of what might happen in the coming days, you will relate to the blissful energy created by this timeless harmony-driven song.

Image courtesy: Rick Leigh IG

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