Three folk singer songwriters for this long weekend

Moe – “Tiny yellow lights”
-If you’re looking for a relaxing acoustic style, look no further than Moe’s latest “Tiny Yellow Lights.” If you’ve spent any time on the road, this track will resonate immediately. The harmonics from the acoustic guitar are enough for me to say yes to this song. When you add in Moe’s meaningful and personal lyrical style, there’s really something special about this song. It’s emotionally moving and personally relatable. I hope that others will enjoy the sentiments of the song and the comforting composition style that makes it so endearing.

Corey Kilgannon – “Florida Cowboy”
-There’s no one to compare Corey Kilgannon to. He’s truly a one-of-a-kind artist. The articulate, clever lyric style works perfectly. Longtime fans of Kilgannon will be glad to hear he stays right with his characteristic style on this new track about being a sarcastic cowboy. The funny thing about this song is that it comes across as a jokester song, but it’s actually really well written and fun to listen to. Get your toes tapping and enjoy a song that feels like it was written in the mood of a Roger Miller and Jimmy Buffett mashup.

Fernando Antunnes – “Maybe this song”
-The relaxed island vibe of this song is quite welcome for someone sitting in the cold (and getting colder) American midwest. The song certainly helps in warming the mood, though. It’s a quaint love song with an easy going swing beat and an expressive lead vocal. The combination feels familiar and easy to enjoy. Antunnes writes with an accessible and comfortable energy. This is the perfect vibe for a coffeeshop or just a chill with friends playlist. Oh… and there’s a guitar solo that is a guaranteed smile from listeners.

Image courtesy: Fernando Antunnes IG

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