Three indie rock tracks for our loyal rock-loving readership

Missy Bauman – “Heaven’s clothes”
-When you hear the first few bars of this track you might think it’s a folk tune, but stick with it. This is absolutely an indie rock track with a gorgeous vocal. It’s a beautiful composition from start to finish. We’ve covered Bauman in the past, so we were thrilled to receive another fantastic track here. Bauman’s vocal balances between powerful rock in some places then immediately shifts into a more delicate, melodic style. It’s stunning to listen to and shows what a truly versatile vocalist she is. This is an outstanding genre-bending song.


Ships Have Sailed – “Faithless love”
-There’s something vibey and kind of reminiscent of the 80s in this track and we’re not even mad about it. I feel youthful listening to the track. I am not sure I fully grasp the lyrical concept, but it feels like a song about living your best life. I am not sure if “faithless” is an indictment of formal religion or if it’s more a critique of the other partner in the relationship… like loving even though you know it won’t work out? In any event, the song has a great energy and some good danceable excitement. We’re happy to support this energetic new track.

Max Morin – “Used to be”
-If you are looking for a powerful pop-infused rock sound, check out this new track from Max Morin. The guitar work is excellent, really pulling the listener into the melody. Morin’s vocal style is expressive and engaging, allowing the composition to have a sense of purpose and conviction. The snappy pop energy captures the spirit of moving on while looking back on what used to be. The lyrics are relatable and engaging, all wrapped up in an enjoyable pop rock package. In other words, this could be a hit.

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