Three brand new singer songwriter tracks to liven up your playlist

Suitcase Souls – “Nashville October”
-If you’re looking for a folk duo with a ton of spirit, check out Suitcase Souls. I am always a sucker for great harmonies like these, but there’s a folk rock core to the track that resonates extremely well. “If lovin’ life’s my drug then I’ll never be sober.” What a lyric! Fans of pop country might even appreciate the track as well. It’s a feel-good, encouraging song about making the most of life in seasonal transitions. It’s a good one.

Jacksonport – “Silver Bullet”
-If you’re looking for a clever folk song, check out Jacksonport. This is the second time this artist has wow’ed me in the past month. I love everything from the unique melodic structure to the sweetly satisfying harmonies. Heck, even the subtle organ accompaniment works really well here. Sometimes it seems like there can be nothing “new” in folk music and an artist like Jacksonport comes along to keep us all humble and smiling from ear to ear. There’s a beautiful fantastical nature to the lyrics that puts me in mind of Alice in Wonderland; I mean that as a sincere compliment.

Last Year’s Man – “Way back to you”
-If you’re a fan of folk singer songwriters (of course you are, that’s what you’re here!) then you’ll find a lot to like from Last Year’s Man. The quaint composition style will pull you in right away. The production balance between the guitars and the backing atmospheric elements is perfect. This is an undeniably calming song. It’s basically about asking your partner to have patience with you when you drift and get lost, that they might wait for you to get back to them. If you’ve ever been married or in a serious long term relationship, this song will connect deeply. It’s beautiful and meaningful.

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