Three atmospheric singer songwriters to add to your favorite playlist

Brody Schenk – “Somewhere somehow”
-If you’re looking for a calming acoustic style, you won’t find many better than Brody Schenk. The expressive style keeps the listener engaged from the opening. The phrasing reminds me a little of Darryl Rahn, who we have covered several times. Schenk’s lyrics give quick hitting picture phrases that catch attention without being too literal. The energetic folk style in the second half of the track propels it along nicely. This is a brilliantly executed piece of folk music.

Andrew James – “Worry is the devil’s language”
-The calming acoustic work on this track is really something special. The effect on the vocal helps to create a real sense of space in the recording. I can’t help but compare James’s vocal style to David Ramirez. This is the kind of folk music that brought me to the genre many years ago. The clear mix, evocative lyrics, and overall emotional style resonates with me and is sure to find a lot of fans from amongst our readership. This is an outstanding composition.

Wylen – “The simple song”
-I’ve always been a fan of chromatic chord changes. I don’t know what it is about the way this melody unfolds, but I absolutely love it. The phrasing, too, is really captivating. Wylen’s style feels like it takes the best of what we all love from 60s folk greats and brings it to a fresh, modern clarity. “Do you recall that simple song? The one we used to know?” If that’s not folk meta, I don’t know what it is. This storytelling piece is a quintessential folk music about common people with common music. It’s a soul-enriching piece that makes me extremely happy.

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