Three indie rock tracks to energize your mid week

The Covasettes – “Sun struck”
-The up tempo energy here is absolutely infectious. If you’re looking for an up tempo rock track to energize your playlists, give Covasettes “Sun struck” a spin. It’s a song about meeting someone special that gives you that charge of excitement. You just can’t wait to see them again. The quick time rhythm mimicks the energy of those early stages of a new relationship. It’s a feel good rhythm for a feel good song that would be absolutely fantastic to hear live. This is the kind of positivity we need right now!

Zoe Brush – “Water’s edge”
-If you’re looking for an atmospheric vibe, check out this new track from Zoe Brush. The quality of the lead vocal is evident from the start. The layered composition creates a solid background for the introspective lyrics. It’s definitely not the run of the mill indie rock, but it’s a sound that’s sure to find some support amongst our readers.

Parker Chapin – “The voices”
-If you’re looking for a rising pop rock energy, check out Parker Chapin. The track has an style that seems to blend together influences from 80s, 90s, and early 2000s rock in equal measure. Fans of heartfelt emotional songwriting will find a lot to like about this style. Chapin’s compositional style brings in some fascinating electric guitar highlights that drive the overall style and substance of the track. It’s a blend of styles that comes together for something truly unique.

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