Three indie rock tracks to pump you up this early September

The Florets – “My old man”
-This sound is INFECTIOUS. The effect on the vocals, the driving rhythm, and the mysterious aura of the track all create this sonic experience unlike anything I’ve ever heard. The combination of factors make it feel a dash like 60s rock yet it’s even more complete than being merely a “throwback” sound. Imagine if the iconic bands of the 60s and 70s like the Rolling Stones or the Doors had modern recording effects in their heyday… that’s essentially what you get with the Florets. I can’t always follow the lyrics in this mix, but the sound is so good that I’m happy to spin this one on a good indie rock playlist any day.

Jacob Steele – “Go get it”
-This is my kind of rock music. There’s a groove. There are some fantastic vocal harmonies. The overall track feels like a motivational speech and a celebration of a big win all at once. I could use this kind of ear candy every day. It’s motivating, moving, and yet strangely feels very grounded. It’s not mere idealism; it’s about making the most of the opportunities all while appreciating circumstances. I dig the groove, the vocals, and the message. This is the total package and definitely one of my favorite indie pop rock tracks of 2021.

Split the Dealer – “High rockets”
-If you’re looking for a kind of rock that blends together powerful 90s alt rock guitars with a punctuated and expressive vocal style, check out Split the Dealer. There’s a syncopated energy to the drums on this track that gives it a real groove in the verses. Then the chorus takes off with more of an aggressive rock style, giving the track a unique rock energy that we’re happy to support. We hope you like it as well.

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