Three delightful new acoustic Americana tracks

Tommy Goodroad – “The Martian (That don’t bother me at all)”
-When I received the two Tommy Goodroad submissions last week, I couldn’t help but connect with both of them almost immediately. The immediate comparison that popped into my head is the legendary Blaze Foley. The acoustic guitar lays down a peaceful style, allowing Goodroad’s poetic lyrics to permeate the track. The writing is a bit Foley, a bit Prine, and a few other iconic songwriters who have that uncanny ability to induce a smirk from even the most stoic listener. This is a gem in Americana — and Goodroad is an emerging songwriting star.

Andy Sydow – “Just want you to notice me”
-A lot of songs have been inspired by seeking love and affection. This track by Sydow taps into some of that emotion with a beautiful acoustic guitar style and some clever lyrics. It’s a fun little concept of just wanting to be in someone’s mind again after a breakup. It’s one of those lyrical ideas that makes people smile because they’ve felt those feelings of resentment as well. It’s an interesting style of folk as well, with a mood that mostly feels like 60s folk revival with an electric guitar for effect. It’s easy to chill and focus on the lyrics for this one.

Sturtz – “Southern Night”
-The relaxing acoustic work on this track is really something special. The word that comes to mind is “unhurried.” The track moves along at its own pace not unlike a southern night, it has to be said. The plaintive lyrical style works well with expressive vocal style. The violin the background and the banjo makes the song feel like an intricate blend of genres that simultaneously disregards genre. It’s definitely not the type of folk or Americana we hear every day, but the vocal, lyrics, and harmonies are all outstanding. This one is a gem.

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