Three indie pop tracks for your vibey playlists

Thom.ko – “Goodbye”
-If you’re looking for a vibey groove track, check out the latest from Thom.ko. It’s got a nice feel to it from start to finish. It’s the kind of mix that you can imagine being on top 40 radio, but also has some indie bona fides as well. The overall energy of the track gets me moving and clapping along. The lyrics are a little bit about a breakup, but also kind of tease about being together again. The track is all about the groove and you’ll feel it on first listen for sure.

Dillon Parton and Rosey Jones – “BITTERSWEET”
-Okay this one has some adult themes and it works really well. The groove is strong, the lyrics are crispy, and the whole feel is expertly polished. It’s a little about hooking up and a little about the power of memory. The snappy energy of the track works with the playful, sensual mood really well. If you’ve ever had one of those bittersweet relationships where you weren’t good for each other but you couldn’t avoid the person physically… yep. Just like that. Parton’s lead vocal is good, but those highlights from Rosey Jones are phenomenal. This is a hit!

Freedom Fry – “I didn’t feel like dancing”
-Call it indie pop or pop rock, but it doesn’t matter the name you have for this exciting new track from Freedom Fry. Unsurprisingly, my favorite part is the amazing harmony work here. In some ways, the harmonies remind me a little of the Partridge Family. That’s a compliment from the depth of my nostalgia-loving heart. It’s an incredibly vibey track with a great beat. The harmonies are my favorite part, but the whole energy of the song is perfect for folks who genuinely love music and its power to bring us together.

Image courtesy: Dillon Parton IG

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