Three energetic new rock tunes for your weekend

Andrey Azizov – “Too loud!”
-The opening of this track was like a time machine, ripping me back to the mid-2000s. Once the lead vocal really rips on the first chorus, I was instantly reminded of the great band Paramore. The energy feels a bit like pop punk, sure, but it’s also got a maturity to it that I find really admirable. The overall track is definitely a treat for fans of pop rock over the past decade and a half. The vocals win the day and the guitars keep it all moving well.

Ian Blackwood – “Neon Lights”
-There’s an understated energy to this track that informs the listener right at the beginning that it’s going to explode… you just have to enjoy the rising tension in the song. Once the chorus opens up, the sound reminds me a bit of bands like All-American Rejects and Jimmy Eat World from 20 years ago or so. That said, the song has a fresh mix and a lot of alt rock energy to it. I definitely dig the heck out of the chord progression and sing-a-long nature of the track. I could jump with the crowd to one like this at a live show for sure.

Joe Traxler – “Don’t Dance”
-If you’re looking for a funky beat with a good, driving energy, check out Joe Traxler’s track “Don’t Dance.” The bluesy soul of the track is highlighted by some modern production flourishes that really make the track pop. The lyrics are about making a move to connect with someone you’re trying to meet. It’s a bit more snazzy than most rock we feature, but it resonates with us for this track. Cool, modern rock.

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