Three Americana tracks preserving the heart of the genre

Miss Leo – “I’ve endured” (Ola Belle Reed cover)
-When a song starts “born in the mountains” there’s a really good chance that it’s going to be a quality track. Miss Leo’s cover of the Ola Belle Reed song “I’ve endured” is the Americana special that you need in your life right now. I adore everything about this mix from the rhythm section to the mandolin. The vocal feels like it has a place right in the mountains as well. The overall energy of the track is really enjoyable. I appreciate the style from start to finish.

Jordan Smith – “American Dream”
-“I get tired of living the American dream.” This is a contentious lyrical sentiment, but… I bet if you ask most Americans if they can relate, they would. I’ll spare readers any further exceptionalism rhetoric for fear of veering into politics, but I will say the song itself is… delightful. It has a great energy to it from start to finish. Smith’s vocal style has a bit of a Marc Broussard style to it and that really works well here. I think my favorite part of the song might come from the highlights from the banjo that add in an extra layer of authenticity throughout the track.

Greg Loftus – “When my day comes”
-I appreciate the easy going folk rock vibe of this track. Loftus clearly grasps the spirit of the Americana genre with this storytelling track about appreciating life while we had it. If you’re in the doldrums and having a hard time appreciating your blessings in life, give this track a spin. It’s about finding clean air, being outside, and going on some adventures. It’s a romanticized view, sure, but it’s one that would do Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” proud. It’s nice to hear these sentiments of living life to its fullest preserved in common folk philosophy also known as folk music.

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