Three exciting indie folk tunes to energize your weekend

Andrew Wilson Eskesen – “Night Terrors (Dani)”
-This track has a bit of an Americana bluesy vibe to it, but we’re going to count it as folk here. The easy going rhythm and guitar-rooted sound works really well. The overall energy of the track has that Creedence style of storytelling to it that really makes it resonate for me (and I’m sure other listeners). There are some clean guitar riffs, and of course, an excellent lead vocal. The whole composition will have Americana and folk fans up at night (so to speak).

Filiah – “In a haunted house”
-Fans of the band The Staves should just go ahead and get comfortable with a good pair of headphones before clicking play on this one. The gentle and expressive harmonies on this track are quite stunning. If you’re looking for poetic, intriguing lyric work on a real heartbreaker of a song, give “In a haunted house” a spin. The strings create an additional depth of vision for the song, allowing the lonesomeness of the vocal to really shine through. It’s a song with a lot of directions, but they all work toward a common purpose of conveying a broken heart.

Ariana Fig – “Polar opposite”
-If you’re looking for a relaxing folk style of songwriting, check out Ariana Fig’s latest track. The production adds to the typical acoustic driven folk song. The backing vocals give the track some unique textures. The lyrics, though, are the main point of this one, conveying some thoughtful sentiments about a relationship. It’s a sad, heartbreaking song about a relationship that doesn’t seem to be working.

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