Three Americana tracks to grab your attention this mid August

Music by KOTA – “Fine Line”
-Everything from the syncopation to the show out guitars work on this track. The mix is ripe for a big crowd in a small venue with every person swaying to this beat. The song feels like soul and rock n’ roll… did what soul and rock makes people do… and had a beautiful musical baby. The pacing of the song is fantastic, especially the minimalist energy on the bridge, which sets up a powerful ending with the big guitars and soaring vocals again. This song is a whole listening experience and we’re HERE for it.

AJ Lee and Blue Summit – “When you change your mind”
-If you’re looking for a bluegrass based sound, check out this modern take on the genre. It’s got all the classic instrumentation with a moving rhythm. It reminds me a little of what I first loved about the band Nickel Creek… adding contemporary flourish to a very old traditional genre. The fiddle work on this track in particular toes the line between traditional fiddle and more avant garde violin style. It’s definitely going to make the crowd pay attention.

The Goudies – “When this is over”
-If you love folk duo style music (like I do), then you won’t be able to click away when you try this song. The phrasing is incredibly patient. The word that comes to mind for me when I listen to this track is “endearing.” It reminds me in no small part of the way I felt when I first heard The Civil Wars. There’s an organic chemistry between the two voices and the melody is breathtaking. Having these vocals enter into harmony with such heartfelt lyrics… it just works as a balm after the past year and a half. This one will calm you for sure.

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