Three new rock-infused indie folk tracks to inspire your midweek

Sutter Zachman – “Matters in the dark”
-It’s easy to hear why this track was a yes from me — the layered string work and quality vocal are evident right from the start. It sounds like a dream from the 70s brought to life in the 2020s. The energy is chill yet inspiring. It reminds of Pink Floyd and Steve Miller Band at the same time. The folk rock vibes definitely emerge from the vocal, the guitars, and the mix with equal amounts of gusto. This is a great track for a rock or folk playlist. I can dig it.

Ben Traill – “Table tennis”
-The upbeat energy of this track doesn’t feel like most “folk” music that we cover. It’s a bit more electric guitar charged than the jangly folk we feature, but we’re not apologizing one bit for the style of Ben Traill’s new track. In fact, the rock energy is exactly what caught our attention from the start. I’m sure there are some good early 2000s alt rock bands that would make a nice comp here, but I’m just content to call this a really solid indie folk rock artist. Also, on a very serious technical music note, I like the way he says “Amsterdam.” Cheers!

Havington – “Follow me”
-The two words “follow me” do not sound inherently rhythmic, but to hear them in this song, it’s easy to hear how Havington brings a rhythm and energy to a simple phrase. “Follow me” is not just two words, though, it’s an expression of belonging. It’s an invitation to a journey. It’s a relationship entirely in two words. This track has electric guitars and a moving percussive energy, but it’s also a tender invitation. The blending of lyrical concept with sonic style is phenomenal. This is the kind of song that deserves to be much more widely heard and appreciated. If you dig this one, reach out to Havington and let them know how you found it. So good.

Image courtesy: Havington Band IG

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