Three folk singer songwriters for your late July joy

Stephen Babcock – “Truth of the matter”
-The relaxing acoustic guitar work on this track stood out to me right away. Babcock has a fluid style that connects different acoustic runs together for some very ear-pleasing work. The harmonies on the chorus, “you’re always leaving and I’m looking for more.” It reminds me of the 70s with artists like James Taylor and harmony groups more along the lines of the Eagles. The style is certainly reminiscent of that time period and it works really well. What I like most, though, is that Babcock writes with a style that makes you believe what he’s singing. This is a hidden gem, folks.

Them Parents – “The no money song”
-If you’re looking for calming acoustic songwriting, check out this track from Them Parents. The lyrical themes are a bit too relatable. The overall vibe of the track feels a more pop folk that one might expect; there are some clever turns of phrase about the true value of caring for children in a world that seems fixated on financial wealth. The hand-clapping, percussive style of the chorus is really interesting. Fans of artists like the Lumineers will find a lot to like in this recording from Them Parents, who seem to be living up to their band name with this one.

Georgi Krastev – “All the other times”
-“Wherever you’re alive I’m with you.” It’s a pretty heavy line when you think about it. The expressive acoustic style from Krastev comes through in this track beautifully. I appreciate the duo part played by the birds in the background. Unlike other tracks that try to artificially include nature, it seems that Krastev recorded this live and outdoors where the birds were free to play their part. The acoustic guitar works well, but it’s a total performance experience that is worth it for fans of atmospheric and engaging folk music.

Image courtesy: Them Parents IG

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