Three acoustic singer songwriters that capture the spirit of narrative music

Andy Sydow – “Alibi”
-If you’re looking for an acoustic singer songwriter, check out this new track from Andy Sydow. Some of the inflections remind me a bit of what made me fall in love with Jason Isbell’s Southeastern. It’s a clever, sincere approach to songwriting that stands out in the music scene today. When Sydow soars on some of the vocals, it’s clear that there’s a spirit and conviction behind the lyrics. This is a brilliant expression of emotion set to rock-flavored folk music.

Ocie Elliott – “Wait for you”
-The understated style of Ocie Elliott’s lead vocals might just stun the first time listener in a good way. This is a song tailor made for the coffeeshop. Heck, it’s quiet enough you could play it in a library. That said, the calming and peaceful sentiment about waiting for a loved one is a universal experience. As the two voices intimately connect on the track, it’s a love song with a depth and sincerity that gives me chills. It’s one of the best love songs I’ve heard in recent memory and one of the best folk tunes I’ve heard all year. This one… stands out.

Cole Schiefele – “She’s the pretty one”
-If you’ve been around the site for a bit, you’ve seen the name Cole Schiefele. He’s one of those artists that does a great job of connecting with the listener. The style is familiar, yet still feels new. The approachable lead vocal almost feels like your friend that plays at the local coffee shop, but yet there’s this poetic sincerity to the lyrics and a total Americana production that resonates setting the track apart. The core of the song, though, beneath all of the layers is really a sweetly poetic expression of desire. It would hold up solo just as it does with all the extra effects here and that’s what makes it such a great song. Schiefele continues to impress.

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