Three new folk songs to remind you why you love the genre

Abe Grossman – “Dirty cheap hotel”
-It doesn’t get more traditional folk music than a strummed acoustic guitar. The quality on the lead vocal is evident from the start. As the track unfolds, there’s a sweet sentimentality about connecting with a love in the past. The slide guitar really pops on this one as well. The combination makes for a meaningful, personable lyrical style that resonates really well. This one is for fans of throwback folk music and high level production.

Lindsay Jarman – “Parachute”
-If you’re a fan of jazz-influenced folk singer songwriters, give Jarman a chance. There’s something about the mood and style of this track that reminds me a little of Norah Jones. If you’re looking for sweet music for a date night playlist, this is definitely a strong candidate. Jarman’s tone is engaging and enjoyable. The easy going swing tempo of the track is perfect for a slow dance with your special someone. The jazzy piano holds it all together for a beautiful mood-setting piece of music.

Vivid – “Open door” (You and Me cover)
-If you’re looking for a folk duo sound, check out this cover from Vivid. I don’t often feature covers, so you know when I do it has to be truly exceptional. This performance fits that category of being “truly exceptional.” The harmonies are absolutely incredible. The phrasing makes the lyrics of the song come to life very well. “You taught me to be right in a world gone wrong.” Yes! The song is incredibly well balanced. Everything from the harmonies to the guitar and certainly the production are stellar. This is a standout performance.

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