Three engaging rock tunes that will change your perspective on the genre

Parents – “Birthday Party”
-I don’t know what kind of magical production energy went into this track, but it absolutely and unapologetically soars. It reminds me of a track called “The House” by Air Traffic Controller a few years ago. If it’s any consolation, that track showed up on my end of year list because it was so full of vibes, just like Parents’ new song. As a middle aged suburban dad, I can relate to this track far more than I care to explain here publicly. The energy, the ethos, the message, and the mix on the track all work for me in transcendent ways. This is a remarkable track. Maybe I should have more fun and stay out late, but I don’t wanna…

Scotch Mist – “Operator”
-I’m sure there’s a fancy technical term for the type of rock this is… chill rock? yacht rock? AM Gold? I don’t care what you call it; I love this mix from Scotch Mist on “Operator.” The vocal harmonies, in particular, are absolutely delightful. The understated sentiment on the verses do a nice job of lulling the listener so that the chorus glows and fills the space. It feels like a 70s era pop tune that could have come out of the same studio as the Bee Gees or Three Dog Night. I’m too young to have owned bell bottoms, but if I had them I’d get them out for this song. Just fab.

Ross Adams – “Ease me into dying”
-I thought about saving this song for an Americana playlist because it certainly fits that genre as well… but this is a good example of another spin on the rock genre in 2021. There’s a combination of rowdy honky tonk bar energy combined with a kind of alt rock familiarity. The lead vocal does a nice job of framing what is, essentially, a blues lyrical message. The song meshes influences that we don’t often hear into something palatable and interesting. While it doesn’t have a single genre focus, the connection makes for a truly unique sonic experience.

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