Three folk singer songwriters for your mid-July enjoyment

Jennah Barry – “Venus in heat”
-There’s an entire mood to this track that resonates with me. By that I mean that I literally get chills listening to this song. Something about it feels inherently like a 70s era pop song, yet at the same time it has some experimental modern elements infused in the mix. The cherry on top for me is Barry’s exceptional vocal intonation and style. The overall composition rises to the top in a folk pop scene that desperately needs this kind of innovation and alchemy. This is a super performance by an incredibly talented artist. I can dig it.

Ross Wylde – “Something in me”
-Every once in a while I hear a folk song that just “gets” the folk genre. It’s storytelling. It’s expressive and allows the acoustic guitar to feel like a magic carpet ride rather than merely an instrument. That kind of movement and energy drives the style of Ross Wylde’s song “Something in me.” Everything from the strum pattern to the vocal style feels like a vintage folk song. It’s a charming one.

Brendan Scott Friel – “Lorelei”
-I always say that a song with a woman’s name either is a heartbreak song or a love song. This one seems to be about a sense of loss at times, but also provides an optimistic energy in other places. The rich mix of the music is what made me click yes on this one. The vocal is really good as well as the acoustic guitar work. The combination makes for a song that feels familiar but is assuredly brand new. Brother, my brother, it’ll be alright.

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