Three singer songwriters to embrace for your mid-2021 playlist

summersets – “Pass me by”
-The light, lovely energy of summersets is perfect for a summer playlist for folk lovers. The string work leaves plenty of space in the mix for sweet summery breezes. It feels like the kind of song that was written for the background of joyful summer adventures. Even the percussion feels muted to allow for the melodic textures and bouncy energy to define the track’s meaningful moments. The vocals are gentle and engaging, inviting listeners into a conversation and a memory. It’s a nice light folk tune we are happy to support.

Rosellas – “Born under a cloud (acoustic)”
-There’s a richness to the acoustic mix on this track that I really appreciate. The fullness of the sound might be my favorite part of the whole listening experience on this song. The vocal is good and shines through the mix well. I know the obvious comparison here is a band like Oasis, but honestly Rosellas deserve to stand on their own merits with this song. The abstract lyrical work and atmospheric alt rock vibes definitely connect for us on this track.

Chris Wray – “Compass”
-I almost included this song in about six different articles because it’s just so good… it’s a bit of indie rock, certainly singer songwriter, but also a sort of upbeat modern pop. It’s really got a great energy to it that makes it appealing for a wide range of audiences. I could picture this song charting in a lot of major markets. The syncopated percussion in the opening sets a really good hook for the rest of the song and the vocal quality cuts through very well. This is what pop rock is all about; relatable, engaging, and easy to sing along. This track has hit potential.

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