Three brand new indie folk tunes to satisfy your soul

Chris Ho – “Borrowed books”
-There’s something gently rewarding about this track from Chris Ho. The acoustic guitar works in perfect balance with the backing track on this one. The overall energy is genuinely calming. If you’re a book lover (like many music lovers, I’ve found), then this song’s lyrical theme will connect deeply and personally. It’s a love song, but it’s also about the feeling in the soul experienced with connecting to another’s world. This is a remarkable piece of music with some subtle harmonies that connect perfectly with the mood of the track.

Charm of Finches – “Concentrate on Breathing”
-The harmonies from Charm of Finches are worth their own post, feature, and round of applause. Then, in addition to the glorious vocals, the rest of the track has this mysterious “wild west” meets a mystery novel… the vibes are absolutely remarkable. I don’t know the entire story behind the mystical sound this band creates, but I am here for the atmosphere that it creates. If you’re looking for folk music that doesn’t sound like every other hand-clappy good time band out there, check out Charm of Finches esoteric-yet-endearing aesthetic. They are delightful.

Sammy Copley – “Marsha”
-From the very first time I heard Sammy Copley, I was reminded of the great Anna Tivel. The expressive vocal lines all feel quite intentional. The phrasing is expertly done. The piano, too, plays a pivotal role in creating a calm yet poignant message from the song. The anunciation and clarity in the vocal feel poetic as much as actual singing; it works incredibly well. This is a kind of heady folk music that speaks to our souls here at ETTG. If you are looking for a chamber folk aesthetic with an amazing lead vocal and thoughtful lyrics, give Sammy Copley a spin.

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